Strengthening Families Program - For Parents and Youth 10-14

The teen years can be challenging for all families…
SFP 10-14 can help parents and teens tackle the challenges together!

What is SFP 10-14?
SFP 10-14 is a proven effective, family inclusive program that promotes positive communication, family bonding, and joint problem solving skills.

What to expect?
*A seven week program that meets one night each week.
*Each session begins with a free family meal.
*Each week, during the first hour, parents and youth meet separately, but work on similar skills. During the second hour, youth and parents have fun together as they play games and do family projects.
*Youth sessions include discussions, group skills practice, and games.
*Parent sessions include video presentations, group discussions, and skill building activities. Interactive DVD’s are used portraying typical youth and parent situations.

Learn more about...
For Parents For Youth For Families
Setting appropriate limits
Encouraging good behavior
Using effective consequences
Protecting against risks
Sharing expectations
Setting & reaching goals
Appreciating parents
Managing stress
Following rules
Resisting peer pressure
Supporting goals & dreams
Solve problems together
Sharing family values
Building family communication

For more information or to register, contact:
Marla Reichart at 766-7652 Ext. 250 or

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