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 Equine-facilitated Therapy
Since 1998, the residents of UMHC Residential Care have had the opportunity to participate in Equine-facilitated Therapy. This program has enabled our residents to interact with horses and, in the process, develop problem-solving, communication, and team building skills. Our children learn how to groom, feed, and ride the horses. The children are taught how to ride bareback, English saddle, and Western saddle. Through grants provided by several funding sources, UMHC Residential Care is again able to offer this very successful treatment program.

 Sustained Silent Reading Program
Over 94% of the children placed at UMHC Residential Care have a history of problems in the school setting. For many of these children, the struggles they face in the classroom are related to the lack of basic reading skills. In 1997, we initiated our first Sustained Silent Reading Program. In essence, we encouraged every child to read silently for 15 minutes per day for six weeks in the summer. We were hoping for modest results, anticipating that all children would read a few times per week. We were pleasantly surprised that each child read an average of 83 minutes per week, totaling 12,450 minutes by the end of the summer. Every year, the number of minutes has increased. Our total for the six weeks in 2007 was 18,995 minutes, bringing our 10 year total to 82,760 minutes! It's easy to see that this program has helped our residents to maintain their reading skills through the summer months and has helped each person to gain an appreciation for the fun that reading can provide.

 L*E*A*P Therapeutic Recreation Program
The residents of UMHC Residential Care often lack the recreational and cultural opportunities of their peers in the community. Many of our residents have never had the chance to learn yoga or the martial arts. Camping trips and outdoor adventure activities have often not been part of their experience. With grant funding, we are now able to extend our recreational program to give our clients these types of experiences. The Leisure Educational Activities Program (L*E*A*P) provides trips to cultural destinations such as Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. IT also provides funding for adventure activities such as skiing, white water rafting, and rock climbing. All of these experiences will not only promote good physical and mental health for our clients, but will also expose them to a wide range of recreational activities they otherwise may not experience.

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