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 Type of Client Served:
Care is available for boys between the ages of seven and eighteen and girls between the ages of fourteen and eighteen who are:
-Dependent, neglected, and/or abused
-Status Offenders
-Emotionally disturbed, but not psychotic

 Intake Criteria:
The following guidelines have been established for selection of children:
-Boys can be accepted between the ages of eight and eighteen.
-Girls can be accepted between the ages of fourteen and eighteen.
-It is preferred that children be of average intelligence.
-Children must be able to attend public school in the West Shore School system and/or in classes provided through the Capital Area Intermediate Unit.
-Children must be treatable in an open community-based setting.

The United Methodist Home for Children, Residential Care, Inc. cannot accept children who are psychotic, mentally retarded, severely brain damaged, or physically handicapped.

 Referral Procedure:
All inquiries or referral for admission should be forwarded to:

Outreach Specialist, Director of Treatment, or Residential Program Administrator
United Methodist Home for Children, Residential Care, Inc.
5120 Simpson Ferry Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Phone: (717) 766-7652
Fax: (717) 766-5828

Referrals should include the following material:

-A Social Summary which includes the child/family's social history, a description of the child's behavior, placement history, and goals or objectives of placement. Recent psychological and psychiatric evaluations are also helpful, if available.

-A Family Service Plan that includes how long the child is expected to be in placement, what problems will be worked on with the child and his/her family, how progress will be measured, and where the child is expected to go after he/she leaves the United Methodist Home for Children, Residential Care, Inc.

-School records and reports, including academic and behavioral information, and a current individualized Education Plan, if applicable.

-Medical history, including growth and developmental history, childhood diseases and immunization records, description of current medical problems or concerns, current medications, dental history, and a copy of the client's most recent medical and dental examinations. In addition, records from previous foster care, residential care, or psychiatric inpatient hospitalizations are needed.

 Evaluation of Referrals:
The Intake Committee, consisting of the Outreach Specialist, Director of Treatment, and representatives of the treatment staff, evaluates each referral. A consulting psychologist and/or psychiatrist may also be utilized.

If the child meets the agency admissions criteria and the child's educational needs can be met by the West Shore School District a preplacement visit is scheduled. The visit provides an opportunity for our staff to evaluate the child's behavior within the context of their perspective cottage. Also, the child's anxiety regarding potential placement can be reduced. Following the preplacement visit, the referring caseworker, the intake committee, and the youth counselor staff review the visit together with the child. A final determination of admission will be made during this conference.

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