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At UMHC Residential we work hard to bring together every possible service and resource a client may need to become a well rounded and healthy person. Our living units are large, warm, inviting 80 year old stone mansions. Each unit contains a complete kitchen, dining area, laundry, activity and living rooms, and bedrooms. UMHC Residential is on a large campus that offers plenty of room for growing, active children to run, play, ride bikes, play sports, or just sit quietly under an old oak tree with a favorite book.

Each client is placed in one of our five units that are segregated by age and gender. Each unit has a treatment team consisting of five direct care staff and a master's level casework/treatment specialist. Generally, we have eight clients living in any given unit at any given time. Three direct care staff members are scheduled to work each unit each day of the year. This gives UMHC Residential a 1:3 staff/client ratio, which is one of the lowest ratios in Pennsylvania. This unusually high staff to client ratio allows us to provide each client with the one-on-one attention they all so desperately need.

Unit structure is designed to promote personal responsibility among our residents. Each client must complete a daily chore, keep their room in good shape, and maintain their own laundry. In addition, each client participates in one formal individual counseling session per week and at least one group counseling session weekly. Family therapy services are provided, and family/client Aftercare Services are provided for up to three months post discharge. Clients with special individual concerns involving drugs, alcohol, sexually aggressive behaviors, and the like, have additional counseling sessions through a variety of community therapeutic interventions. Art therapy, equine therapy, play therapy, and other unique interventions are also employed to further enhance the effectiveness of the UMHC Residential Program.

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