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Many clients in out-of-home care situations 'fall through the cracks' when it comes to learning some of the essentials of every day living. Often, the simple tasks that we take for granted have not been taught to these young people. UMHC Residential is responding to this need through innovative programming throughout the year.

Each day our clients are expected to successfully complete a chore, keep their room and personal belongings in order, complete homework and other personal responsibilities, maintain their personal hygiene, etc. Each of these things is an essential life skill that cannot be overlooked. The direct care staff assesses each client on each of these areas every day of the year. Clients are then provided with important and timely feedback on their performance in these areas via their daily point and privilege level system.

Another key program in this area is the UMHC Residential Life Skills and Competencies Program (LSCP). This series of classes is a training program for many essential life skills, and is run by a part time Life Skills Counselor. Although some of these classes are held throughout the school year, most LSCP classes are run in conjunction with the Summer Day Program that we conduct each year exclusively for our residents. Each client attends two 30-minute LSCP classes per week, for ten weeks, during the Summer Day Program hours. Class subjects for this program include the following:
-Laundry and Clothing Care
-Basic Cooking Skills
-Application Completion and Resume Writing
-Job Interview Skills
-Personal Hygiene
-Human Sexuality and Contraception
-Basic Automotive Maintenance
-Banking Basics
-Interpersonal Skills
-Problem Solving
-Conflict Resolution
-Basic Plumbing
-Positive Use of Leisure Time
-Community Resources
-And many more…
For our older clients with placement plans that sometimes include emancipation as a post placement option, a more intensive Life Skills II Program is offered. In this program, clients may earn special housing with less supervision and routine. They also receive coaching on job interviews and workplace manners. They are expected to obtain a part time job in the community, spend more time alone, prepare many of their own meals, work on budgeting, and many more areas in preparations for independent living.

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