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Our Story...
In 1975, on suggestions from the Board of Trustees of the United Methodist Home for Children, Inc., an auxiliary was organized to form a support group for the children, youth, and staff at the Home.  With the name, Our Family, and a charter approved, their first meeting was held in 1977.  Later in the year, officers were elected and 104,000 bulletin inserts were prepared and mailed to the public.  To date, their charter holds true in purpose - to represent staff and residents of the Home, and to execute projects, or items for selected needs, for the improvements and operations of life, or activities, of the Home's residents.  Our Family constantly strives to provide the funds for non-budgeted items for the residents.  All monies raised by the auxiliary are directed for the residents' use.  The residents' needs are always visible.

In 1978, the first yard sale was held with a profit of $378.00.  Today, the yard sale is a major fundraiser for the auxiliary.  The Holiday Bazaar, held annually in November, has also been very profitable.  Other fundraising ideas are always being explored.  Hosting annual events such as the Birthday and Halloween Party, purchasing Hershey Park passes, food vouchers, and recreationsal items gives us great satisfaction!  It is a joy to see the children's happy faces!

Give yourself to a worthy cause!  Please call the Home at 717-766-7652 for more information.  We would love to have your help and your friendship!

2015/2016 Our Family Auxiliary Officers
President - Jeanne Ritter

Vice President - Toni Gulick

Secretary - Roberta Gerberich

Treasurer - Joan Catarious
Membership - Barbara Miller

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